Trek vs Trek is a series of essays by Peter Aidan Byrne. I take two episodes of Star Trek from two different series, compare and contrast them, and explore what they have to say. I choose episodes based on a similar premise, or dealing with similar themes, and I try not to take the “vs” part too seriously: I’m more interested in discussing the different ways Trek has dealt with its favorite ideas and tropes over the years than I am in choosing the ‘best’ episode or series.

That being said, I have my own preferences, and my own history with Trek, as we all do. I grew up on The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 as they were originally airing, with a healthy dose of Original Series reruns sprinkled in for good measure. So far, I’ve only watched some of Voyager and a little of the animated series, and personally, I’ve just never had much interest in Enterprise. But if you feel like your favorite series of Trek is underrepresented here, let me know which episodes you think I should check out, and which episodes might make for good comparisons. While writing these essays, I’m hoping to catch up on good episodes of Trek I’ve missed, as well as re-watching old favorites.