Trek vs Trek is a series of essays by Peter Aidan Byrne (@peteraidanbyrne on Twitter). I take two episodes of Star Trek from two different series, compare and contrast them, and explore what they have to say. I choose episodes based on a similar premise, or dealing with similar themes, and I try not to take the “vs” part too seriously: I’m more interested in discussing the different ways Trek has dealt with its favorite ideas and tropes over the years than I am in choosing the ‘best’ episode or series.

That being said, I have my own preferences, and my own history with Trek, as we all do. I grew up on The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 as they were originally airing, with a healthy dose of Original Series reruns sprinkled in for good measure. Voyager is where I dropped off of watching Star Trek as it aired, but I’m appreciating it a lot more now as I rewatch it. I tend to bounce off of Enterprise, though I’m trying to find things I appreciate about it – honestly,  I’m trying – and I’ve enjoyed Discovery so far. But if you feel like your favorite series of Trek is underrepresented here, let me know which episodes you think I should check out, and which episodes might make for good comparisons. While writing these essays, I’m hoping to catch up on good episodes of Trek I might have missed, as well as re-watching old favorites.